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Site Created: 2/4/07

Site Updated: 2/13/10

The Night Shift is the brain child of Shawn Downs and Adam Dusenberry.  Having been inspired by WCAT Producer Aidan Chisolm and his radio show Echoes of An Era.  Adam and Shawn began to experiment with the radio on television concept as well.  The original concept for WTNS was to produce an audio only show over WCAT's community bulletin board but is was soon decided to create a stand-alone show all its own.  The format of the show as changed many times as well.  In the beginning we were a two hour show with a mixture of music the two of us goofing off in our free time.  As the show developed, however, we refined the format and cut the time down to 90 minutes.  Now, while WTNS is still a fun, lighthearted show that Shawn and Adam do in their free time, the format and packaging of the show has become more professional, cut the time to  an hour, play more music (the mega music block is born) and play less mainstream music and more local performers. 

Here's News... Night Shift is on Facebook and has its own Vimeo Channel.  Check them out.

Artists and Albums Showcased on WTNS

From Adam's Library...

From Shawn's Library...

Jennifer Parsignault

Oh My!

Jennifer Parsignault

From the Dark

AKA Pelican Groove


Audrey Ryan Band

Passing Through

Postmodern Jazz


Danya River


Danya River

Bone by Bone

Shawn is a little slow in getting me his list.  Check back soon.

Music We Share...

Jud Caswell

Lost and Found

Jud Caswell

Between the Pavement and the Sky

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